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Why Choose Wonderland RV?

Wonderland RV are luxury caravan manufacturers with over 20 years industry experience. Creators of tough caravans built for the Australian caravanning adventurers. You’ll find the best value for money Full Off-Roaders & Family Bunk Vans. Wonderland RV uses high quality finishings to give the caravans the needed luxury and durability for the Off-Roader experience. Customers repeatedly say that Wonderland RV caravans are the best value for money. The Family Caravans stand out for their high quality finishings and style.

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Our Wonderland RV Models

The Wonderland RV Triumph touring caravan provides exceptional value, comfort and style.

The Adventus is a beautifully crafted caravan, perfect for hassle-free touring and light off-road explorations.

The most popular model of the Wonderland RV range, the Amaroo, is a truly unique caravan . . . 

The most popular off-road model of the Wonderland RV range, the Amaroo Hornet, is a truly unique caravan . . .

This is one of the most impressive fully optioned caravans in the market today. It achieved one of the highest. . .