Nicole Hansbro – Cosy Cab Brooklands 206

For this price-range, I was looking for a good quality second-hand caravan. However, when I noticed that I could get a new Cosy Cab, with a huge range of functional and luxury features – and space for my dogs – I knew I’d found my new ‘van.

The dogs love the ‘van. They each have their own spot to sleep and they feel very comfortable in it. It’s their home away from home as well. One of the criteria I had to look for when buying the ‘van was a layout that allowed space for the dogs to sleep on the floor. Although Dave seems to think the bed is his!”

It’s so balanced, meaning you don’t need anything to keep it in place. It doesn’t feel like there’s anything at the back of the car when you’re driving.

The quality and design are faultless. Perfect finish. I heard plenty of stories about people buying new caravans with window leaks, but I’ve had no problems with my Cosy Cab.

Before sales, and after sales service has been excellent. I had a minor issue with the fridge, which got fixed promptly, with no further issues. All I had to do was jump onto the Facebook group and talk to Allan about the fridge. He got it fixed straight away with no issues.

Robert and Robyn Hoogwerf, and Robyn’s sister Leanne – Cosy Cab Kirkston 196

(Note: testimonial is from Leanne, on behalf of Robert and Robyn)

For us, the caravan is a means of combatting the trials of life resulting from Robyn’s long-term illness, myasthenia gravis muscle weakness. The caravan provides a welcome break from the hospital visits required by her condition.

The follow-up from the Concorde/Cost Cab team was terrific. How many times, do you buy something and never hear back from the customer service? They contacted us and we all met up through the Facebook Cosy Cab Club page, where owners of 30 caravans got together, had a ball, learnt a lot from each other. We’ve got another meetup in October.

It’s well built and it’s very comfortable. There’s a good toilet – and shower. Robert made a stool for Robyn to shower when she’s not feeling 100 per cent and it’s really easy to use. No faults to speak of and plenty of power points for plugging in electronics. And it’s good for towing too – it tows really, really well. You can feel it there, but not much, because of the way it is packed and the way it is made.