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Europe’s most awarded Luxury A Class Motorhome, Concorde, has now arrived down-under. From the (7.9m) Credo to the (11.4m) Liner Plus, Concorde Motorhomes Australia has a model to suit discerning travelers of all ages.

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Although spacious and luxurious inside these car carrying Liner Plus models are compact. At 10.6m they are minnows when compared to the average car + caravan, and 5th wheeler rigs, which typically measure 16m – 18m and more overall.

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The real art of designing a luxurious motorhome is reflected in the limited space. And the best evidence for this is the Credo – a series whose furnishings and technology don’t need to hide behind large integrations…

Sporty, beautiful, weightless: the completely redesigned Carver stands out thanks to its ultra-modern design. Its fully overhauled bodywork with
striking front and rear sections demonstrates the distinctive signature of a new generation of Concorde developers…

Often imitated, never duplicated. The Charisma has always set new standards. Each model of this modern classic has revolutionised the motorhome concept…

The Concorde Liner Plus is the measure of all things motorhome. With a body width of 2.49 metres and a length of up to 11.4 metres, the Liner Plus is as imposing from the outside as it is inside…