Concorde ‘Distinguo’

March 11, 2014 News

Design in its purest form.

Distinguo is the utmost high-end equipment line for Premium Motorhomes under the Concorde banner. The Distinguo concept allows you to personalize your vehicle with a breadth and depth that is unique for a series producer in the RV industry.

Premium motorhome design for those with exquisite taste.

cd3Only the highest quality standards are acceptable – we create the perfect motorhome for you. Decide on a combination of design elements that will make your motorhome truly unique, with only top-quality, premium materials, with plenty of choice and premier craftsmanship.

Even more individuality – even more exclusivity. Concorde makes reality of your deluxe RV dreams.

If you wish for a personal touch, a special design idea, we also make it possible for you to customise on any level for the most boutique of Motorhome experiences. Simply suggest a personal design preference and we can implement it into your motorhome by hand.

Fulfilling your dreams. Concorde Motorhomes Australia.

Client Testimonials

“We're so happy with our new Concorde Motorhome! The Liner Plus 1060 GMAX is the ultimate round-Australia touring motorhome for our purposes.” - Lorraine