Concorde 2015 range for Australia

January 29, 2015 News

Ready for Touring the Australian Roads

Concorde Motorhomes Australia are pleased to announce the approval process is complete and we are able to introduce a great range of Concorde Motorhomes to the Australian market.

c2From the Liner Plus range, we have the 1060 G MAX (the original improved and imported Motorhome currently touring Australia), the 1130 G MAX and the 1140 G UNIVERSAL – all of which are on the Mercedes Benz Atego chassis.

From the Charisma range, fully complying with the Australian 60% overhang rule, we are pleased to begin taking orders for the Charisma 850 L.

From the enigmatic Carver range, choose from the superbly configured 841 L, the 841 M, or the 846 L. All with a completely remodelled face and style for 2015.

And from the Credo, fully compliant for Aussie roads, we are proud to introduce the 791 L.

As previously, we remain at your disposal for all enquiry and sales information. The Liner Plus 1060 G Max continues to make its way around Australia, it’s happy owners proud and pleased to show off their Concorde to our new friends around the country. Follow it’s adventures on our social media platforms!

Fulfilling your dreams. Concorde Motorhomes Australia.

Client Testimonials

“We're so happy with our new Concorde Motorhome! The Liner Plus 1060 GMAX is the ultimate round-Australia touring motorhome for our purposes.” - Lorraine