IDeal For Offroad

Offroad caravanning is for extreme adventurers who venture on the path less travelled. For such travellers, caravanning means exploring locations and landscapes that are untouched and pristine. Our range of rugged and tough caravans are built for the purpose.

Choose Ideal Offroad CARAVANs Models

Designed for all conditions and terrains, Concorde offroad caravans will help you set up camp by a lake, a mountain or even a sandy beach. Offroad caravans come with the same set of facilities and features that family caravans do and provide a home away from home in the wilderness. Following are some advantages of a caravan with offroading prowess:

Caravans meant for offroading are a totally different beast than their regular counterparts. They are built solid, have rugged tyres, a tough suspension, higher ground clearance, and are fitted with hardware that make them go-anywhere caravans.

A caravan meant for offroad will not get stuck when tackling tricky terrains. So you can take it to even those places where there are no roads.

Whie they are built and designed different, they still provide all the basic features and amenities you would expect in a normal caravan.