Concorde Motorhomes

Europe’s most awarded Luxury A Class Motorhome, Concorde, has now arrived down-under. From the (7.9m) Credo to the (11.4m) Liner Plus, Concorde Motorhomes Australia has a model to suit discerning travelers of all ages.

Having celebrated 35 years of manufacturing luxury motorhomes in May this year Concorde GmbH are also one of Germany’s most experienced constructors in a country renowned for automotive excellence.

Australian Concorde models are a ‘Mirror’ of those delivered in Europe built from the ‘Ground Up’ on Right Hand Drive platforms direct from Iveco (up to 7.5 tonnes) and Mercedes (over 7.5 tonnes).

Very popular in Europe are those models that carry within them a small car – or a couple of motorcycles, etc. thus eliminating that usual complaint said of motorhomes – ‘one has to tow something in order to be mobile when parked up’, which can be particularly irksome in inclement weather and if there is a need ‘for groceries’ or ‘exploration’ or ‘a club visit’ and so on.

Although spacious and luxurious inside these car carrying Liner Plus models are compact. At 10.6m they are minnows when compared to the average car + caravan, and 5th wheeler rigs, which typically measure 16m – 18m and more overall.

The full luxury motorhomes length is living room from the luxury swivel captain and mate chairs up front through to the King Size ‘super’ comfortable bed at the back. Midway is an apartment style kitchen and bathroom. Luxury and quality is key throughout the model range including the most modern ‘independence’ features for ‘freedom camps’ when required.

Cosy Cab Caravans

Concorde Motorhomes has partnered with Cosy Cab Caravans to offer a select range of caravans that are built in Australia and offer great value for money with many inclusions offered as standard.

The Cosy Cab Caravan range can be tailored to suit your requirements. From chassis and suspension options to suit on or off-road adventures through to layout and options available, make your Cosy Cab Caravan as individual as you.


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