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About Concorde Motorhomes & Caravans

For years I toyed with the idea of having a motorhome carry within it a small car. Many motor bodybuilders and handymen have made this work as far back as the 1950’s. About 10 years ago I made a start to construct such a motorhome. 

Concorde Caravans are manufactured as a luxury caravan at an affordable price.
A Concorde Caravan will exceed customers expectations with the inclusions that are standard in

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Happy Customers


  • We've now had our Cosy Cab Longridge for 12 Months and we still just absolutely love it. Best Decision ever. It's about to become our personal home as we travel. Can't wait.

    Mel Smith |
    Mel Smith - Cosy Cab Longridge 216 / Family Van
  • We would just like to say how extremely happy we are with our Cosy Cab Caravan, especially Eve with her Pantry. We would like to thank you for your fantastic service we received even when in remote areas. We were away for over 4 months and traveled 18 thousand km's and no problems with the caravan and towed like a dream. We always highly praised our caravan to our fellow travelers and they always commented on the pantry of course and how lovely the van is inside and out.

    motorhomes, motorhomes australia, caravan, campervan
    Gerry and Eve Franks - Cosy Cab Brooklands 206 / X-trac
  • When we bought our Cosy Cab Pembrey I found the service and personality of the Stocker Family first class. Nothing was a bother. The After Sales Service was excellent and still is. The Cosy Cab Caravans are the best value for money on the market in our opinion. We have had no problem what so ever with our van and would highly recommend the Cosy Cab.

    Rob & Margaret Stephen - Cosy Cab Pembrey 186
  • We purchased our Cosy Cab caravan from Alan and Renee at Concorde Motorhomes, Bennetts Green. We were viewing one at a caravan and camping show, the staff were very knowledgeable and took the time to show us all the vans they were selling at the time. We were immediately impressed with the quality and value for money. We had been looking for a new caravan for over a year, getting very frustrated with the process as most were out of our price range or the Salespeople weren’t listening to our needs they were just happy to make a quick sale. Having dealt with Concorde Motorhomes and Crew and purchasing our new caravan from them with a few of our own extra requirements, the price was still within our price range. The day we walked into their showroom it was like walking into their home they showed us the way we wanted to be treated without being pushy, and 2 years after the purchase of our new van from Alan, Renee and the Crew they have been extremely helpful. It didn’t matter what you asked of them, they were only too happy to help. We would and have highly recommended others who were looking to purchase this huge investment. Robert and Robyn Hoogwerf

    Robert & Robyn Hoogwerf |
    Robert & Robyn Hoogwerf - Cosy Cab Kirkston 196

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